Discover the historical and architectural richness of Quito's Historic Center on this fascinating bilingual tour!

  • Fecha: 09/03/2024 09:00 AM
  • Ubicación Centro Histórico, Quito, Ecuador (Mapa)
  • Más información: Basílica del Voto Nacional



Embark on an immersive journey through Quito's Historic Center, where you can explore the city's rich history and cultural diversity while practicing your English skills. Our adventure begins at the magnificent Basílica del Voto Nacional, an impressive Gothic masterpiece that graces Quito's skyline. From here, we'll descend through the picturesque Calle de las Siete Cruces, where each corner tells a different story.

Our first major stop will be at the iconic Plaza de la Independencia, Quito's historical and political heart. Here, we'll admire the colonial architecture of the Catedral Metropolitana and  El Palacio Presidencial while learning about the key events that shaped Ecuador's history.

We'll then continue our journey to the breathtaking Iglesia Compañia de Jesús, a jewel of colonial baroque architecture with its lavish interior adorned with gold and religious artwork. This church is a testament to the splendor and devotion of the colonial era.

Moving forward, we'll pause at Casa de la Moneda, where we'll delve into the economic and historical significance of this colonial building in Quito's and Ecuador's life.

Finally, we'll arrive at the charming  Plaza de San Francisco, where the imposing church and convent of San Francisco welcome us with their majestic presence. Here, we'll conclude our tour while reflecting on the fascinating fusion of colonial and Andean influences that characterize Quito and its history.

This tour offers an enriching experience that combines historical narratives, stunning architecture, and the essence of Ecuadorian culture, all while providing an opportunity to practice and improve your English language skills. Join us to discover the magic of Quito's Historic Center while honing your English abilities!